Easter 2015

On October 16th, 1847, Johannes Rebmann "discovered" Mt. Kilimanjaro, seeing for himself that the legends were true, the summit was "topped with silver"--covered in snow. Needless to say, he was not the first person to see this majestic mountain with the white top, just the first white man to do so. He published his findings in April of 1849. But as every educated and civilized person of the time knew beyond a shadow of a doubt, it was impossible for snow to be found on the Equator. His sighting was dismissed as fantasy or a delusion brought on by a bout of malaria.

Every Easter Sunday, the Church celebrates the Resurrection of Our Lord and Savior from the icy grip of death. Sadly, each and every year, articles and books are published at this time by educated and civilized authors striving to outdo each other in attempting to prove that the resurrection cannot possible be true and that those who celebrate Easter are deluded. Truth be told, even deeply committed Christians have moments of doubt and uncertainty when faced with the reality that it is such an unbelievable event. And yet, Christians throughout the centuries have experienced the power and truth of the Risen Lord, Jesus Christ. In the end it has never been about some sort of infallible hard cold fact, but rather an unbelievable demonstration of a power so beyond us that we cannot help but fall on our knees and give thanks.

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Happy Easter!

John S. Mitchell, Rector